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Privacy Policy

We will never disclose, rent or sell any personal information to any third party, unless required to do so by law. You didn't think we'd go to jail for you, did you?


  1. We do not collect any user information in our SQL database but of course our hosting company keeps IP's in accordance with the law.
  2. If a user indicates they would like to keep their image private (by clicking "keep private" after making the image) the image as well as all SQL database records are deleted for that poster - this is good for both of us (gives us more free-space).
  3. Session variables are only instantiated on a per-visit basis, no information is stored after.
  4. We are free to delete any poster from our site that we feel is over the line - its a free generator, we're not bound by any sort of contract :)
  5. Once a poster is created, it becomes public keep that in mind.
  6. Because we store no user information, we take no responsibility for any of the content displayed in any user-generated posters.