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Poster Generator


Our poster generator lets you upload images and turn them into "those" motivational posters, its easy. After you make your poster you can send it to your friends via email, have it printed or even put on a t-shirt. With thoseposters, there is no one to blame but yourself if your poster simply isnt funny. And even if you arent funny, visit the library and find pre-made phrases; all you have to do is upload your picture. You must have flash installed to use the poster generator.

How to use

Scroll over "options" in the upper left corner of the generator to activate the options control panel. Here you can access a number of options such as uploading your image, resizing your image, changing the accent color and more.

To upload your own image, click the 'Change Image' button.

To reposition your image, simply click and drag.

To zoom in or out, use the slider on the control bar or simply use your mouses scroll wheel.

To change the color use the color wheel.

To finish your poster, yup, you guessed hit, click "Finish Poster"